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Life in USA: The United States calls itself A National of Immigrants. Therefore you will find that all ethinicities and nationalities are represented in most of every cities. Much of the American culture is exported through television, film and consumer products there are some aspects that you do not encounter until you live in the US. One of your first introduction to social life on a US campus will mot likely to be “ The International Student Orietation Program”. Topics generally include Immigration, academic advisers, computer and library resources, tel services, public safety, medical services, banking option and department store shuttles so students can purchase items they need.

NEW YORK: A few of the highlights of New York that you must see are the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park and Times Square. There are also some of the best museum’s in the world. CALIFORNIA : California is exactly like it is portrayed on films with the beaches, Beverley Hills mansions and the fancy cars. the main attractions are San Fransisco, L.A, Disneyland, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, Death Valley, Malibu, Kings Canyon, Beverley Hills, Santa Cruz and Sunset Strip. LASVEGAS : Las Vegas is located in Nevada and is the casino capital of the world. You should also visit The Mirage, Circus Circus, Grand Slam Canyon and the Imperial Palace Auto Museum. The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and is the most famous natural attraction in the USA. The currency is titled the U.S. Dollar and coins come in the denominations of 1c (penny), 5c (nickel), 10c (dime), 25c (quarter), 50c (half-dollar). Notes come in the denominations of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills

Jobs: Immigration regulations permit international studnets to work only part itme upto 20 hrs per week and only on campus during their firt year of study. Campus jobs may include working at th eUnivresity’s cafeteria, bookstore, library, health club or within the university’s administrative offices. On campus jobs also include teaching assistantship or reseach assistantship where in a student can earn $7 to $10 per hour i.e. around $500- $600 per month. Medical services in USA : If the university or college you attend does not offer a health insurance plan, it is extremely important that you obtain coverage of your own to protect yourself against potentially very high medical costs.

Things to do after reaching USA :
Social Security Number : It does not cost anything to get a social security card, however it is impossible to do anything else without it. Your Social Security number is the unique number assigned to you and everything that you do in the US such as applying for a loan, paying taxes etc. Having a card is necessary for everyone.
Opening a bank account: Opening a bank account is important so that you can have a cheque book to pay for your rent, utility bills etc and also for your salary to get credited to your account
Apply for an account with a credit union : It is easy to get car loans from Credit Unions, if you intend buying a car in the near future, it is worthwhile to open an account with a Credit Union. Even though there are several advertisements on getting car loans at low rates, with no credit history in the country, it is not easy to get any of these loans.
Health Insurance : It is extremely important to have your health insurance as soon as possible. Medical bills are steep in this country and not having a health insurance can lead to a lot of problems
Calling Card : Look for calling cards to dial India. Calling cards allow you the flexibility to dial from anywhere and also since you pay the money upfront, you are not likely to run into a situation where you are caught unawares as to how much money you are spending on your phone calls. Shop around for these cards, the best place to get them is in the Indian grocery store.

Myths about USA :
US is full of sky-scrappers : has sky-scrapers only in big cities like Chicago, New York, San Francisco etc and commercial localities called downtowns. All visitors who visit America during the summer, find it very green with trees, forests and plants. The grass is mowed and well cut
I can take a cab.. US has poor public transport, taxis and cabs are luxuries and are extremely expensive. Only some big cities have buses and subways for public transport. Major sight seeing attractions like Niagara falls , Grand Canyon etc. also have little access through public transport
Food is a problem to vegeterians : With more and more Indians migrating to the US, Indian restaurants are commonly found in major cities, a salad with no meat, french fries can be found almost at any remote place in America.
Vegeterians means no meat no fish : when you ask for vegetarian food (as we Indians mean it), be sure to mention no meat, seafood or white meat (chicken for e.g. is white meat while red meat is pork, beef etc).
I can shop for family & friends back home : Most of the products that are sold in America which have day to day use such as clothes, shoes etc are imported from third world countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Be careful lest you buy a lovely shirt for your near and dear one, only to realize later that it is Made in India.
I can walk to keep healthy : Walking is prohibited and is a chargeable offense on highways. Walking paths do not exist everywhere and can get very uncomfortable at some places, not to mention the weird looks that people in cars give when you walk in ?strictly driving? kind of places.
Food is expensive : If one is earning an American salary, food is the cheapest in the world in America. The conversion between American dollars and Indian rupees makes the food appear expensive

Words differently used in USA:
Bill – Check: In US, currency notes are called 'Bills'. For e.g: Can you give me five dollar bills please?
Petrol – Gas: Petrol is called 'Gas' in US. 'To step on the gas' is to accelerate.
Taxi – Cab : Taxis are commonly referred to as 'cabs' in the US. Also remember tipping the taxi driver over and above the meter charge is customary in US, a practice not so common in India.
Toilet – Rest Room : Toilets are 'Rest Rooms' here and large areas on highways where there are toilets and eating facilities are called 'rest areas'.
Lift – Elevator : In India, you take a 'lift' to go to higher floors, in US you take an 'Elevator' or an 'Escalator'. An Elevator is the equivalent of a 'lift'. Escalators are the automatic steps where you hop in and hop off after each floor
Indian – American English :

Softdrink – Soda Corriander – Cilantro Milk Pwoder - Cream Wafers - Chips
Brinjals – Egg Plants Shopping Complex - Mall Hotel – Restaurant Groundnuts - Peanuts
Ladies fingure – Okra Curds - Yogurt Biscuit - Cookies Cell – Battery
Torch – Flashlight Inflammable – Flammable To fix – To install To repair – To fix
Bargain – deal Petrol pump – Gas Station Diesel – Fuel Take a lift – Get a ride

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